Hello A+ families! Welcome to school picture day! 
I am excited to have the opportunity to provide your school with fine art school portraits. My goal is to capture the personality of your children, create beautiful art for you, and provide a better and more personal experience for your school picture day.
* Please note that we will not take school portraits for our two-year-olds this year. They are the cutest and most fun age group that I love to work with, but the very limited time we have for school sessions will usually not allow me to capture great images for our little ones. Thank you for understanding!
What is a fine art school portrait?
Fine Art School Portraits are a modern approach to school photos. No more cheesy smiles with strange backgrounds. My backgrounds are timeless, neutral toned canvases, and the photos will be simple, classic, and captivating. Instead of forcing a cheesy grin or a standard pose, your children will be encouraged to be themselves and express their personality.
Do I need to sign up?
Yes please! Only a 1-minute online form is required to be completed before picture day! All photo galleries and ordering will be online, so I'll need either your email or phone number to send you your galleries. 
Click the following link and you'll be directed to the form!
​​​​​​​When will Yingying Kuai Photography be at my school?
2023 schedule for  A+ Children's Academy
Thursday Nov. 2nd 
* Kindergarten Prep
* Preschool 2
* Everyone who's NOT attending school on Fridays
Friday Nov. 3rd
* Preschool 1
* Three-year-olds from the "Twos and Threes classroom"
* Everyone who's NOT attending school on Thursdays
Feel free to contact me (support@yykphotography.com) if you are not sure!
What should my child wear?
Solid colors or subtle patterns are best! Please avoid super bright or saturated colors as the color can be reflected onto your child's skin creating distracting color casts. Textures such as cotton and knit will show up great in photos. Please avoid fabrics with lots of wrinkles or reflective material. All shots are waist up, so you don't need to pay much attention to pants or shoes. 
Please contact me (support@yykphotography.com) if you have any questions!

How will I order? 
Within three weeks of your child’s photo day, you will be e-mailed or texted the link to your child or children's gallery and password.
There will be 2-25 images of each child. I do not choose which photos you print; you do. You will be able to order prints, products, or digital downloads, directly from the viewing gallery. The ordering process is simple and secure. 
The gallery will be live for two weeks. ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED IN THIS PERIOD.
Once orders have been placed, your products will be delivered to the school for easy pick up. Digital downloads are available right after order completion.
Do I need to pay for retouching? 
Nope! I perform professional retouching and artistic enhancement on all photos with no extra charge! However, should you have special requests that are not a standard part of my editing process, an extra fee will be requested.
Contact Yingying at support@yykphotography.com for any questions you may have!
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